Thanh Phuong Nguyen


My research concentrates on different domains of computer vision but it can be resumed by these following topics

Discrete geometry and Image analysis

I have worked on this topic specially during my PhD thesis. I was interested in the study of discrete curves and its applications in image analysis. Three main approaches have been studied.

Shape analysis

Beside discrete geometry, I'm also interested in other approaches for shape analysis. Recently, I developped several tools based on Radon transform to fulfill this purpose. Main result:

Texture analysis

Texture analysis has been an active research topic after my PhD thesis. I'm mainly interested in texture classification. Several aspects have been studied including preprocessing, texture descriptors, LBP-based representation and so on. Main results:

Human action recognition

In the framework of project SPY, I was insterested much more in human activity analysis. Our purpose is to design an efficient descriptor for human action recognition that can be intergrated in an embeded system having a limited computational capability. In addition, a such system can work in near real-time condition. Main results

Face analysis

I have considered the problem of face recognition as an application of texture descriptor. Main result:

Object detection

Actually, in the framework of project Digeteo, I'm interested in the object detection. Several results have been obtained in this topic.